Monday, October 20, 2008

The Page Sprinting Game

The Page sprinting game is a game played by Creationists and Conservatives trolls on online forums, especially during debates.

To play, you need to:
1. Have a debate thread.
2. Have people replying to you.
3. Be completely clueless about what they've said.
4. Be ridiculously stubborn.
5. Be lacking a Conscience.

1. Start at page one. Do NOT read anything besides the title of the thread.
2. Go! Sprint to the bottom of the page! Try to read as little as possible!
3. Remember the number of words you accidentally read. Using them, try and formulate a reply. The more irrelevant the better. Bonus points are awarded for repeating the same thing over.
4. Your score is the number of words you accidentally read. A lower score is better.
5. The game continues. After waiting, refresh the page, and check if there is a reply. Then, sprint down again.

1. Watch out! Members may try and get you with Bolded words, or big font.
2. Try putting your fingers in your ears and screaming LALALALALLALALALA while manipulating the scroll wheel with your elbow.

High Scores:
If everyone could report their high scores, that would be great.

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