Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a Good Atheist is a Win-Win-Win answer

See Above: Richard Dawkins is a Do-good atheist.(As far as we know...)


Here's my quick guide to Atheism:
Be a good person.

You know, it works! Not only does it make this life relatively better, but no matter what the next one will be, it sure will make it more interesting too!

If we conveniently simplify and stereotype the beliefs of 6.something billion people, we get 4 basic afterlifes:
1. There is no afterlife. That's ok. After all, you spent an eternity in non-existence, so another can't be too bad.

2. There is an afterlife, and it is non-selective. That's fine. Whether it is bad or good, we are all in this together.

3. There is an afterlife, and it selects based on quality of your life. If you get in, great. If you don't, well, you deserve it. Being a GOOD atheist should help you get into this.

4. There is an afterlife, and it selects based on a certain religion. Look at it this way: Gandhi, Buddha, and Thomas Jefferson can't all be in this kind of heaven together. Only 1 of them got in. If so, wouldn't it be rater moraless to go, when people who were radically more awesome and better then you didn't? Could you live with the guilt for an eternity, knowing you made the wrong choice?
Nope, not me. As a good atheist, I'd go to hell here, where I'd like to be.

What's the lesson? Religion doesn't matter: Being a good person does.

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Time Enough at Last said...

THAT is what the afterlife is like, fo'. =P

(Actually, this is a very good story, well worth reading)